Expert Witness

Are you looking for a Chiropractic or similar profession expert witness? I can likely help. Occassionally talking on the phone is required to identify if I am the best person for the job. Melding together 18 years of clinical experience and an LL.M degree it is likely I’ll be able to help the courts upon a matter within my expertise.  I have had occasion to give evidence in the High Court of England and Wales and I have provided ‘medical’ reports of varying needs. Including Road Traffic Accidents (more recently as a nominated witness), and Occupational injury. I have an interest in Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Did you know that you are entitled to your own expert to aid you in your case. Relying upon the Expert appointed by the Court, Professional Conduct Committee, Professional Association or other body can be a reliance upon a viewpoint that is not appreciating your view. I have 18 years clinical experience in MSK Care and hold an LLM degree in Medical Law and Ethics from Cardiff University. I’m currently working on writing ethics and law, a global first, into the undergraduate Chiropractic degree at the University of South Wales.

If you’re in need of my expertise in this capacity please get in contact with details of your need by filling out my expert witness request form. If I feel your cases is within the remit of my expertise I will be happy to discuss your advocacy needs.

If you’re a Solicitor acting on behalf of a member of the public, a practitioner, a practitioner or a professional association involved in the treatment of muscles and joints where a complaint has been raised and there is a case to answer I will be happy to help. I deal with cases proportionately, expeditiously and fairly when providing my independent opinion. I am comfortable that my expertise has boundaries and that material matters to the case are paramount. Any information or fact I put forward to help the court I provide full reference for and if during proceedings or at any time my opinion should change I would notify my instructing party immediately.

I am aware of the Civil Justice Council’s Guidance for Experts (CPR35, PD35 and CPR49) recognising that I have a duty of care to the instructing party, adherence to professional principles and an overriding duty to help the Court on matters within my expertise.


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