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My experience of being an Expert Witness is primarily in the Whiplash Associated Disorder and Occupational Injury arenas. My recent training has led me to become Med Co accredited 2016-2019 in spite of the Civil Procedure Rule (CPR) changes that led to Chiropractors being overlooked. Hence I am not licensed by Med Co. My future direction will likely be in the area of colleague conduct.

My training with Bond Solon included preparation of court ready reports, giving evidence in court and cross examination. I am aware of the Civil Justice Council’s Guidance for Experts (CPR35, PD35 and CPR49) recognising that I have a duty of care to the instructing party, adherence to professional principles and an overriding duty to help the court on matters within my expertise. I deal with cases proportionately, expeditiously and fairly when providing my independent opinion. I am comfortable that my expertise has boundaries and that material matters to the case are paramount. Any information or fact I put forward to help the court I provide full references for and if during proceedings or at any time my opinion should change I would notify my instructing party immediately.

I have given evidence in the High Court in a high value case where the compensation settlement was £435,000. I have produced reports for occupational injury and have been consulted on cases of expert opinion for colleague conduct. My expertise would fall within the remit of Musculoskeletal Injury (MSK) and / or Chiropractic Practice.

Until 2016 when the Civil Procedure Rules (RTA) changed to a pre action protocol. I was concerned mostly with Whiplash associated Disorders (WAD) and assessments of such injury. I have lobbied the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) for the inclusion of Chiropractors and Osteopaths to assess WAD injuries and was given the answer that the MOJ agreed as did the Master of the Rolls at the time (Lord Dyson) that Chiropractors and Osteopaths have been overlooked but can schedule no time to the matter.

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