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Unhelpful Models of Chiropractic Care

In Out Model

The Idea that something goes out is untrue, unless you have a break or a fracture bad enough to stick out where it shouldn’t. The idea that something is therefore clicked back in is also untrue. A nice concept that lots of things in life click into place like doors, cupboards and some watches for example. In the human body it is simply untrue. The unhelpful part of this model is when a part keeps going out because the question is then why does it keep going out. Leading one to accept a weakness in the body where there may be one or there may not be one. Presuming your body has a weakness is less healthy than understanding the real reason behind the sensations of your body that of concern to you.

Alignment Model

We are asymmetric beings look at your face or your body the two halves are not identical and neither should they be. The two sides of the body grow outward from the spine and of course grow at different rates in different tissues.  Aligned in our spine stems from over 100 years ago when a misalignment was thought to be the problem. This type of misconception is still about today in imaging of inter-vertebral disc changes and presuming that to be the source of your bodily concerns. An apparent misalignment of vertebrae may be part of your physical presentation due to an imbalance in your muscles and/or a failure of your joints to centre ( or form and force closure in Physiotherapy speak).

Inevitable Decline with Age

The symptoms of ageing are the same as the symptoms of de-conditioning. Over time we get stuck into not doing much physical activity nor do we take part in a variety of physical activity nor do we partake in as much exercise as we might (see article on Fascia First Chiropractic’s FB page about ageing and back pain incidence).

The biological ageing of an organism is called senescence which occurs at the last 12-18 months of life, not the last 20-30 years of life.

Standing on a hose ‘ trapped nerve

Nervous tissue can actually get stuck however it would be a dysfunction of the connective tissue (fascia) which facilitates nerve movement. Thus a nerve can be fascially trapped but not stuck between vertebrae. A nerve root sleeve can be restricted in motion and dural tension can occur at the same vertebral level which both alter vertebral motion and repeated motion changes use. If you don’t use it you loose it. Look to clarify a trapped nerve when you are given this as an explanation of why you are having sensations in your body that concern you.

Jam out of a doughnut ‘Slipped Disc’

Decreasing spinal height will occur over many years of a slumped posture… from in my opinon from lack of use, accumulated trauma a lack of a reference of normal and dysfunctional pressure regulation.  Discs of the spine can past their elastic boundary and the mucopolysaccharide tissue can break down. Disc Disease is a medical term that uses the definition of disease that signifies anatomical changes. A vertebral disc integrity can be affected by an infection (eg P. Acnes).

Subluxation Degeneration

This is the Chiropractic version of what happens in the spine over time if we have decreasing physical activity, reduce variety of movement, Exercise and a lack of Chiropractic Care over time. A Chiropractor learns normal through the medium of tactile touch in their undergraduate training. Because we do not have a reference of normal an individual can benefit from the normal a Chiropractor has stored in their hands. A person’s usual can be different to normal. This model is unhelpful because it can create confusion. Subluxation means something different in medicine.

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