Track Record

  • The Symptomatic Goal of Care is normalisation (pain is back to normal or better than normal).
  • The Biomechanical Goal of Care is to change the usual pattern back to normal (1).

  • No patients were imaged
  • No serious spinal pathology was suspected.
  • 25% of people presented with more than one painful MSK concern

An ‘early recovery’ was seen in any MSK concern with Fascia First Chiropractic in comparison with a Placebo measure for acute low back pain (Probability of Recovery Curve) (2).

Historical Recovery Times of Low Back Pain (3)

  1. Chiropractors in 1972 took 12.8 visits to resolve 80% of MSK pain cases
  2. Medical Doctors in 1972 took 7.3 visits to resolve 70% of MSK pain cases


  1. Radebold A, Cholewicki J, Panjabi MM and Patel TCh (2000) Muscle Response Pattern to Sudden Trunk Loading in Healthy Individuals and in Chronic Low Back Pain. Spine (25) 8 947-954
  2. Probability of Recovery Curve (2008) British Medical Journal 337 a171
  3. The Lancet 1972
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