Sacro-illiac or Trochanteric Belts  Neo G or Serola Belt Very good for when you need to keep using your back for work.

Power Web Hand and finger exerciser used to help balance elbow and forearm conditions

Superfeet Footbeds Helpful for heel pain and or foot pain, knee pain and some back pain.

Friel Wedge Helps orientate the pelvis during prolonged sitting avoiding slumped posture

Sissel Sit Fit A type of cushion that helps keep activity in core muscles whilst being seated.

Flexall A pharmaceutical grade topical analgesic for sore muscles and joints.

Rowo A series of topical analgesics. Snowdrop (Arnica and Witch Hazel), Hotspot (Devils Claw Clove and Capsicum) and Chamoix (Deer Tallow).

Capsicum Cream A plant based cream for minor aches and stiffness of muscles by the Canadian company Homeocan, Montreal.

Body Blade An oscillatory exerciser that utilises a combination of posture and fast (type I) fibre activity. Over time type II muscle fibre dominance over type I causes posture to become slowly worse and worse.

Balance Board Various types from rocker boards to skateboards on a roller can assist balance training. Something that doesn’t tend to get exercised. For upper back and neck anxiety related tension in a little and often way or for some relief before you get to your chiropractor. Thumper Massager Mini Thumper (£120-150) Or imitations that are much cheaper (£50) Hangsun Handheld Neck Back Massager MG400


Supplements I recommend and do not sell:

NAC (Now Foods) 1000mg

Vitamin C + Zinc 1000mg

Tocamin (Healthy Origins) 50mg

Mg Malate (Source Naturals) 1250mg Magnesium Oil (Better You) 100ml

DHA Calamari 500 (Doctors Best) Omega Three


When Back Muscles Feel Like a Hip Problem..!
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