Core Values and Mission Statement

Through out interactions at Fascia First Chiropractic the values of Trust and Respect for individual truth will be our over ridding concern. We aim to trust in the way a person identifies with their own body and respect how people explain or try to explain concerning or strange sensations. A trust that underpins a respect that each person has a dynamic interoceptive experience of their own body. An experience we can sometimes struggle to understand. Sharing ones experience of their own body requires safety and dignity. Safe that experiences are considered seriously and that interventions offered are not to encroach into a persons dignity.

Health – is derived from the Old English word to heal (hael) depicting the true nature of healing as a dynamic ongoing process.

Disease – has Latin roots in Dis-ease meaning without elbow room to move. Movement is key to the opposite of dis-ease.

Wellness – How you freely plan your own life being able to do whatever you chose for your life on purpose.

Mission Statement – To assist you from the position of your own perception of what it means to attain health, whether that be a state of being, an absence of illness, or something to have, an inner strength / resistance to ill health or a state of doing and being able to fulfill your potential for living.