Values and Mission

Throughout interactions at Fascia First Chiropractic the values of Trust and Respect for individual truth will be Lee’s over-riding ethic (pluralism) when considering a therapeutic approach to muscle aches and joint pains he will likely offer to you. In addition Lee is compassionately compelled to do something for you right away, he does not send you away with exercises nor without any intervention. 

Lee looks to trust in the way a person identifies with their own body and respects how people explain or try to explain ideas about concerning or strange sensations. A trust that underpins a respect that each person has a dynamic interoceptive experience of their own body which naturally gives rise to a multiplicity of perspectives. Lee believes the first step to getting better is understanding. Sharing bodily experiences requires an environment of safety and dignity. Safety in that all experiences related are considered.


Mission Statement – To offer or provide you with short term help and long term health both physically and psychologically through the meaning of your aches and pains and to provide reassurances as you go through the process of change from painful or uncomfortable to wellbeing. 


Terms to Show Approach

Health – is derived from the Old English word to heal (hael) depicting the true nature of healing as a dynamic ongoing process. A premise that is taken from a particular view or state.

Disease – has Latin roots in Dis-ease meaning without elbow room to move. Movement with ease is therefore key to being healthy. I believe the movement or freedom felt within one’s body by oneself about their body is akin to being healthy. Indeed the stress tests of Janos ‘Hans’ Seyle were about restricting movement. The link between stress and disease is known and the link between restricted movement and stress is known. 

Wellbeing – Is the state of being happy or comfortable, a state I’d expect to occur with self determination and intrinsic motivation for the individual. When an individual has a social group then wellbeing may be termed wellness, self determination termed autonomy and members of the group are happily obligated to each other through bonds of compassion and respect.



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