Healthy Humans

This is a story about twins, one weaker than the other and failing in her fight to survive. The mother of the twins couldn’t stand the fact that her youngest was suffering alone and wanted to hold her. Mum knew she wasn’t allowed into the incubator to touch her daughter or she could infect her baby making her even weaker. A compromise was reached whereby the stronger twin, who was doing just fine, was placed into the incubator too. Almost as a reflex the stronger twin moved to hug her younger weaker twin and stayed like that sleeping with her sister. Within a month both twins were at home being cared for by their parents. Today both twins are healthy young girls enjoying life.

Whether we are bringing our intention into therapeutic touch or we are acting by seeming reflex or intuition, human touch has restorative potential.


Human Health Needs Include: Food, Water, Warmth, Shelter, Sunlight, Movement, Hygiene, Spirituality and Good Relationships; providing physical touch, emotional connection and cognitive like-mindedness.


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