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Training Effect

When we exercise we might be looking to gain more muscle mass, or one might be looking toward greater flexibility, or speed of movement, or endurance of movement. All of these goals call upon body tissues to behave differently to achieve the end goal (Deterministic). A generalised goal of being healthy may not uncover a if a training response if happening. Having a goal is helpful.

Through optimal loading your body tissues improve toward your desired goal. Through abnormal loading your body tissues degenerate toward your desired goal. When our body is able to spread the load across more tissues a greater degree of diversity in movement results.

SMT improves the variety of tissues utilised by your body in normal everyday movement tasks. Helping you to spread the load of the repeated tasks that you ask your body to perform.

The human body is dynamic and will move toward a state of de-conditioning (do nothing option) which carries with it symptoms of ageing over your last 25 years of life. Achieving the Training Response means biological ageing (senescence) which is over the last 12-18 months of life.

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