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Hollywood Healing

The idea of healing whole again is popular and unrealistic. The idea of a wholistic therapy returning you to some ‘hay day’ point in your life / body condition is unrealistic. The human body can change and adapt in an incremental fashion. Creeping toward fitness or de-conditioning. Meaning that the longer you leave it the further you progress toward keeping an undesirable (painful) normal. When we keep an undesirable normal our symptoms come and go, steadily becoming more frequent and bouts more painful. Chiropractic Care could help you to reduce the frequency of (back/neck) pain episodes as well as reduce the duration and intensity of episodes / flare ups.

The cessation of your symptoms does not mean your body has self organised back to your particular version of healthy. The cessation of symptoms can mean that the changes occurring in your body are no longer at a rate of change fast enough to warrant any alarm (pain) set off. E.G. Injury is a faster rate of change than normal physiology. The human body is not static and there is no factory reset. We learn as we go.

Chiropractic Care for your body takes into account a degree of learning toward a normal that is desirable. Any state of change means for a duration of time more than one option or state is available to your body.

There is also a process of unlearning or realising that the undesirable normal is not your body’s best (easiest) option. Symptoms are no more a signal of definitive tissue damage than they are of indemnity (returning you back to how you were) in your body’s healing process(es).

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