Technology might be catching up with Chiropractic

Combining the technologies of PET and CT imaging, through computer rendering, researchers have been able to demonstrate metabolic change in the sacro-illiac (SIJ) ligament, aka an altered physical state. Any engineer can tell you that when the physical properties of a material is altered then so too are the mechanics of that material. With regard to the SIJ ligament Chiropractors have long talked about seeing altered mechanics through the touch perception of their hands. Technology is supporting a Chiropractor’s intent when they diagnose you with sacro-illiac syndrome. Yes, it is a thing, physical change places the entity of a SIJ ligament sprain (metabolic change) in the realms of a sub-clinical to clinical medical condition. As a Chiropractor I have long commented that I can find it before it finds you!

Of those persons with metabolic changes in their SIJ ligament 75% responded to physical treatments and only 2% of this population required surgery.

Clinical Radiology 70 (2015) 787-800 – Introducing the technology in aseptic inflammation
Tomography 4 (2) (2018) 72-77 – correlates PET-CT findings with clinical outcomes (pain)


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