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Where to Apply Treatment

Identifying abnormal muscle tone and joint stiffness is easy. Identifying the order in which they occurred is more of a challenge and may be unrelated to the course of the symptom experience. A primary site will affect other compensatory sites. If the primary site is corrected the compensation site will also change/resolve. Meaning we only have one issue and not two or more.

Compensation is the body’s way of trying to help itself and if a clinician tries to get rid of the compensation then the body will bring it back even more so as it helps itself.  Overtime without Chiropractic Care we can accumulate layers of compensation that can perpetuating symptoms of an injury or medically unexplained symptoms. The goal for Lee during a session is to find the primary site or standalone issues and correct them with a therapeutic force applied with his hands or adjusting instrument. Muscle and joint pains can continue on and off for years where the primary site remains an issue.

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