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C4 Primary Site

After 72 hours in a normal state, a dysfunction can be incorporated into your dynamic normal. The brain bodges things for now and goes around the problem site of the body. Any problem sites can be reincorporated through use (movement) at a later date. Modern society doesn’t allow for the movement required to help our body to reincorporate all components back into the map of the body in the brain.

Your normal way of moving your body will involve helpful and unhelpful ways of moving. An unhelpful way of moving is where body tissues are abnormally loaded, which over time leads to wear and tear.

If a secondary site is treated then help is taken away from the primary site and the problem ‘tight muscle’ will keep coming back as there is a reason why it keeps going tight. Identifying what is not normal is the easy part of MSK work. Identifying which abnormal de-conditioned parts of your body are relevant to your presenting pain experience is much more challenging.

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