Primary Site

After 72 hours, painful muscles and joints can be gotten used to and incorporated into a dynamic normal or your usual. Your usual is not necessarily normal and your usual joint and muscle patterns can become less efficient over time. This occurs because no where in our nervous system is a reference of what a normal muscle and joint movement pattern is. The upside is that we can adapt and the downside is that our usual can depart from normal in an unhelpful way. We can only tell I is what I is.

Identifying abnormal muscles and joints is easy. Identifying the order in which they occurred is more of a challenge. The primary site affects other compensatory sites. If the primary site is corrected the compensation is no longer required. Compensation is the body’s way of trying to help itself. Overtime we accumulate layers of compensation strategies that can be perpetuating factors in continued non medically explained muscle and joint pain where the primary site remains untreated.