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Muscle- Physical and Psychological

You’ve probably noticed that when you are done tensing your muscles they relax, but they do not fall into a mush, but into what is called ‘resting tone’. Analogous to a car engine idle rate. We can rev up our muscles and then have them return to idle in a normal state. In a state of imbalance your usual muscular tone can insidiously depart from normal muscular tone. Altered muscular tone can lead to unhelpful movement patterns meaning muscular imbalance is a learned condition just as muscle balance is a learned condition. Not through a conscious intentional memory, more a creep up on you through automated muscular memory.  

When a muscle is in a higher tone or spasm, having it rubbed softer can see the return of the increased tone after about 20 minutes because muscular tone that is not simple acute tension is neurologically controlled and returns to spasm.

SOT Chiropractic
When a muscle is not functioning as much as it should to bring balance then it becomes more painful after treatment due to the increased nerve activity at the spinal cord level.  The increased signal creates a difference in neural activity which is interpreted by the brain as pain. If you are sore after an appointment it is likely due to you using muscles that you haven’t for a while.

In unnormal muscle tone which is tight a muscle is not allowed to fully rest and when a muscle does more there is an increase in nerve signalling. An increase your brain will interpret as pain. Chiropractic Care looks to ‘wake up’ the idle musculature in your body to bring balance as well as reduce increased tone. The ultimate goal is that your muscles are in balance. 

Psychological Effects on Muscle Tone
In generalised anxiety the resting tone of musculature is increased. Those people with depression are more likely to have a bout of back pain than a person without depression in the subsequent year. Just when you think you’re getting better back pain comes along.

Putting up with dysfunctional musculature means your will damage your joints. Keep your body in balance with Chiropractic Care where a little and often can go further than painkillers and sporadic rehabilitative exercises.

Those persons who have ongoing states of mind that are in the anxious future or in the depressed past could be a subsection of those persons with PTSD. A condition whereby something so shocking or out of imaginable ordinary has happened to or near to you that your body becomes confused about the neural signals within and muscular imbalance ensues.

Lee can help you with your psychologically altered muscular tone whilst you resolve your psycho-emotional issues with a psychotherapist. Helping you to avoid learning a new muscular normal that involves abnormal muscular balance and tone.  


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