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C9 Habit(uate) Your Body

A body is conditioned to do what it regularly does.

A Human body has a dynamic normal and learns how to move through trial and error. Once a movement pattern is established, it is the movement expectation that governs how we move. There is no ideal movement pattern to aim for, or a factory reset to reach for or an optimum motion point that our brain inherently knows about our body. The human body condition is something that is entirely dynamic.

Throughout your life span it is normal to get transient pockets of dysfunction /pain in your muscles and joints. It is when symptoms do not resolve within 72 hours that you should consult a Chiropractor. In ideal conditions new muscle co-ordination takes 3-4 months and up to 24 months if you wish to involve a change to your fascia.

Doing nothing is aka natural history. Even though muscle and joint symptoms have gone it doesn’t mean to say the problem has been fixed and you have been returned to your previous state of normal. Ideally everyone would have access to a Chiropractor, enjoying spending time making their body healthy. There is no going back!

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