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Habit(uate) Your Body

A body is as good as what it regularly does.

A human body has a dynamic normal and learns how to move through trial and error. Once a movement pattern is established, the brain disengages, the body is taken for granted and movement expectation governs pain perception and movement fluidity. There is no ideal movement pattern to aim for, or a factory reset to reach out for. In short there is no reference for normal.

Throughout life it is normal to get transient pockets of pain in your muscles and joints because we learn through trial and error. It is abnormal when symptoms do not resolve within 72 hours (see 3 day rule). The stresses, strains and sprains of life cause one to depart from normal into an idiosyncratic way of using the body (the usual).

What one regularly does can lead to bad habits of movement. Performing exercises can simply serve to reinforce bad habits. However even doing everything correct can lead to bad habits of movement because human motion is imperfect. We move with error, which is why physical activity without Chiropractic Care is not as good for you as when you exercise and are cared for by a Chiropractor. 

Chiropractic and activity ensure muscles and joints do really well together…
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