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C5 Brain Map

The saying ‘my back has gone’ leads to a question of where did it go?! The map of the body in the brain can give us the feeling that a body part or area has changed or gone… ‘Its gone from the map’. Certain body treatments can facilitate the brain to remap the body beginning a process of learning and unlearning. Due to the competitive nature of the map if you don’t use it you lose it, then we must unlearn previous patterns of muscular firing and joint usage as we learn more efficiency in our movement of our body whilst we partake in the same tasks. Or in other words relearn what we have lost (from the map).

Technically the learning and unlearning is known as neuroplasticity, which was proven by the Silverspring Monkeys, a controversial approach to scientific research.

Other competition exists between the sensory signals getting to the brain map. Sometimes we do not have the ‘band width’ to facilitate all the information at once to reach the brain map, thus there is a competitive nature to sensory signals reaching the brain’s map of the body.

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