Brain Map

The saying ‘my back has gone’ leads to a question of where did it go?! The map of the body in the brain can give us the feeling that a body part or area has changed or gone… ‘Its gone from the map’. Certain body treatments can facilitate the brain to remap the body beginning a process of learning normal again and unlearning your usual. Where your usual has lost some of the three trillion components of your body from the map of the body in the brain you must unlearn usual patterns of muscle and joint use and learn a new more efficient normal.

Technically the process of unlearning the old and learning the new is neuroplastic, Based upon the Silverspring Monkey research teams work that demonstrated a change in body shape and or task can physically alter the architecture of the brain. The changes occurred in the macaque monkeys in 2 hours and they are considered 30 million years behind humans in evolution. The tough part to the experience of change is that the old ways are not instantly gone. Thus at first we must endure both the new and the old patterns of muscle and joint use.