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C2 Treatment Timing

Having some back pain, neck pain and or headache is normal if they clear up within 12-72 hours. When pain lasts longer our brain begins to incorporate the pain experience as normal over time. Ideally one would consult a chiropractor on day 4-14 of their pain experience. If you aren’t fixing it within 72 hours then you probably will not fix it; you will just compensate. Compensations accumulate over time and can take on the appearance of an accumulation of age related MSK symptoms. However a compensation is aka help, a compensation is your body’s way of helping itself.

During any treatment for your problem it is important that only original sprains and strains are treated and equally important to not treat compensations because if the help is taken away it will come back over and over. Recurring symptoms coming back over and over is not an appropriate measure upon which to base an idea that the same thing is happening on a Musculo-Skeletal (MSK) basis.

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