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C1 Pressure Regulation

We initially are born from a water environment into an environment where gravity plays more of a roll in our body composition. We do not grow into a mold of a human being all similarly shaped bones and muscles. For example people who have never walked have different shaped vertebrae to those of us who have walked, demonstrating how gravity has an effect upon the weight bearing structures of our body. Gravity is a field of about 10kg, a force that our body must always carry.

Body Chambers

The human body is made up of chambers, the brain and spine, the abdominal, the lungs and heart for example. All of these chambers need to have the pressure within them regulated to a high degree to ensure rates of reactions do not alter and so that we can complete the tasks demanded of our ambulatory body.

Pregnancy and giving birth is probably the best example of needing to regulate pressure in the human body through a natural process. Science has found that the intercostal muscle activity is predictive of how the birth will go. Illustrating an interaction between the thorax and the abdomen of a pressure regulation nature.

Chamber Connections

When we consider the wiring (nerve connections) of the body we can see that the brain and spine cavity is linked to the abdominal cavity, which in turn passes pressure changes on to the pleura of the lungs and the pericardium of the heart. The heart is linked by way of reflex to the cranial (brain and spine) pressure regulation. The reflex can be seen by applying light pressure to ones eyeball and watching the person’s heart rate change.

The pressure of the brain and spine can affect the other chambers of your body. As the pressure regulation challenge is arguably the greatest challenge through being born, if we are vaginally delivered this is the first system to help us to regulate our posture and the way in which we move during the many tasks of life.

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