Ideas, Principles and Concepts

Philosophy is made up of concepts, ideas and principles that describe normative thinking. Here I present what I consider to be helpful to know for person’s with muscle and joint aches and pains. 

The information presented here is done so from a health sharing perspective and looks to facilitate your learning about your body. Remember to add in the context of your life.

As we learn new knowledge we are able to grow and develop our truth. In our individual truth we can also find our meaning. Meaning in medicine significantly affects outcomes.

Quick Fact: Your Chiropractor is concerned about the internal movings of your body components and not as concerned with external movement of body limb positioning such as you are exercising under supervision.

What can I do..?

  1. Maintain a variety of movement. Think of movement like your diet.
  2. Continue the view that my pain must be coming from my wear and tear, without consulting an MSK healthcare professional such as a Chiropractor.




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