Important Concepts

In general people can easily take the health of their body for granted e.g. don’t consider their body, until it becomes painful…

The 10 important concepts presented here look to facilitate your learning about your body, some of the language used by your chiropractor and for you to place new concepts and ideas into the context of your life. Enabling you to talk about your particular circumstance whilst evolving your ideas about the human body in general. Relaying what is particularly important to you, about you, to your chiropractor.

As we learn new knowledge we are able to re-frame our perspective(s). When we re-frame our concepts about our body, we change the meaning and meaning in medicine significantly affects outcomes. I’d encourage you to talk about your pain experience with your chiropractor and not to become focused upon tasks, exercises and how pain can only exist due to tissue damage or degenerative processes.


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